Who is filter4?

filter4 offers online gaming affiliates the chance to filter their traffic based on visitors they bring onto their site.

With the average online casino player registered with 4.4 online casinos, the average online bingo player registered with 2.1 online bingo providers, real money gamblers are becoming promiscuous. The addition of increased competition and marketing costs mean, now more than ever, that every penny matters. We can provide you with the ability to filter your traffic with a simple integration with our API

Working with the filter4 API

Once the payment has been processed you will be provided with an API key and specific URL. This will provide access to our API with a customized setup for your website. Hitting the API is as simple as:


The API will contain the affiliates you have partnered with and will carry both your company and the username inside the call. The return looks like this (casino example):


Which is a simple JSON file that can be used to manipulate your site. filter4 can also provide technical implementation guidance, or even help you integrate our API directly into your site however you want.

Demo Example

Not here yet - check back soon!